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Summer Camp

Summertime is FUN TIME but it can also be learning time with our Martial Arts Summer Classes. Students will enjoy Awesome Classes packed with ACTION and life enriching skills of self-confidence, respect, and discipline.

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$149 Summer VIP: 10 weeks of classes, ATA uniform & T-Shirt!

$69 Summer Package: 6 weeks of classes, ATA uniform & belt

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will my child have fun?
    YES! Our summer camp consists of action packed sessions with games and lots of FUN! Students will participate in both individual and team games/challenges.
  • Will my child make friends?
    YES! Through training, games, and challenges, students will quickly build friendships that will carry into the new school year!
  • Will my child learn bully prevention/self-defense?
    YES! Kids will learn how to defend themselves and how to deal with bullying and confrontations.

  • How much does Summer Camp cost?
    We have a $149 special (10 weeks, ATA uniform & T-Shirt ) as well as a $69 package (6 weeks, ATA uniform, and belt)
  • Do you offer family discounts?
    YES! We have discounts 3rd and More family members.

When are the classes held?

TIGERS (Ages 4-6)
Tuesday & Thursday  4:30-5:00pm 

Monday 5:30 Tuesday 5:45 Thursday 5:15

Monday 7:15 Tuesday & Thursday 6:30pm 
Taekwondo, Self-Defense Drills & Kickboxing

(All students are encouraged to attend a minimum of 2 times a week)

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